Asphalt Surfaces (Intl.) Ltd, are a diverse Company specialising in all aspects of Pavements, with strong credentials for both roads and airfields. At the core of our business is the Asphalt Production with over 20 mixes available. We offer the complete package of supply, delivery and contracting with dedicate and trained asphalt gangs capable of laying all materials to the client’s specifications. In addition to this core business we are able to offer aggregate pavements, milling of existing asphalt surfacing’s and we operate Asia’s largest asphalt grooving machine. One the pavement is laid we can finish the woks with line markings to both road and airfield specifications, operating all sizes of application equipment. We supply and apply all forms of bituminous sprays, including rejuvenators, geotextiles and apply colour surfaces to roads, footpaths and leisure orientated locations! In addition to all of this we also operate a fleet of delivery trucks, along with many other items of plant and specialist equipment, for both self-use and external hire.

No job is too big or too small for our resources making us your preferred “Pavement Partner”.

Material Supply & Contracting

Asphalt Materials

Our main products are as follows:

  • Bituminous Road Base *
  • Bituminous Base Course *
  • Bituminous Wearing Course *
  • Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) *
  • Friction Course *
  • Cushion Course *
  • Cold Asphalt / Sand Bitumen & other specialist materials.

* Please visit the HK Government website for a list of all “approved” Highways Mixes.

Asphalt mixes, both Hot and Cold, can be produced incorporating recycled materials, lime, fibers and polymers. Our technical personnel have the expertise to work with clients, consultants and contractors to design mixes to suit any specification requirements.

Bituminous Seals & Sprays and Paints

Our main products are as follows:

  • Bituminous Tack Coat
  • Polymer Modified Bond Coat
  • Prime Coat
  • Rejuvenation Seals
  • Protective Seals
  • Joint and Crack Sealants
  • Coloured Sealants / StreetPrint ® / StreetBond ®
  • Water based Paints for road/airfield markings

Bituminous spray and seals and painting materials can be produced local or supplied from reputable overseas manufacturers and applied to meet any specification requirement.


Aggregates to any shape, strength and size can be sourced and supplied from either local or international quarries to meet your specific requirements.

Hire of Resources & Surfacing Equipment

Our equipment, subject to availability, includes:

  • Experienced Asphalt Surfacing Gangs
  • Pavers (Tracked and Wheeled)
  • Steel Wheel Rollers
  • Pneumatic Tyre Rollers
  • Steel Drum Rollers more…
  • Oil heated Bitutainers (capacity 20t)
  • Direct Heat Bitutainers (capacity 20t)
  • Bituminous Spray Truck
  • Loading shovels and Bobcats
  • Trucks for material cartage, various sizes
  • Water Trucks
  • Road Sweepers
  • Crane Lorry
  • Low Loader for plant and equipment mobilisation
  • Line Marking Machines
  • Milling Machines (1.9m and 0.5m)
  • Grab Trucks / Crane Trucks

Miscellaneous equipment

Other equipment, resources & services, subject to availability, include:

  • Provision and laying of geotextile membranes
  • Aggregate Mixing Plant
  • 1.5m wide asphalt / concrete grooving machine
  • Wide Tracked Asphalt Pavers to 9m extension
  • Walking profilometer for checking longitudinal profiles
  • Bitumen Production Plant
  • Saw Cutting machines
  • Grinders

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